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Modern printing equipment is developing in the direction of one-time multi-color online printing, so the ink needs to have the ...
Woven labels are woven on clothes and pants, and include cloth labels with text, letters, and LOGO patterns. Garment factories ...
Tote bag is a simple bag, made of paper, plastic, non-woven industrial cardboard and so on. Such products usually...
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Since its establishment in September 2002, Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd. is a garment tag manufacturer, non-woven handbag factory, packaging bag printing factory, color box printing factory, and tag customization factory integrating design, customization and production. The factory is located in Wentang Industrial Zone, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Since its establishment, it has continuously introduced advanced machinery and equipment. High-quality technical personnel with several years of experience have provided customers with high-quality services with professional technology and rich experience. Over the years, our factory has won customer support and trust with preferential prices and timely delivery of high-quality products.

The plastic bag department specializes in the production: PVC, EVA, PETG, OPP, PE, PO and other materials plastic bags and gluing, flat bags, envelope bags, vest bags, hook bags, diagonal hanging bags, bone bags, hand bags, environmental protection , And processing and printing with supplied materials, Guangdong handbag printing, folding film.

Trademark printing department: tag, color box, handbag, 6-color printing mark trademark, self-adhesive sticker, computer pattern sticker, manual printing, woven mark trademark, all kinds of cotton tape, herringbone tape, washing water mark, rubber towel, etc. printed matter. Products are distributed in Guangdong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Shanghai, Shandong and other regions.

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Provide drawings and drawings, provide corresponding solutions according to customer needs, reach an agreement, determine the quotation of both parties, and pay the deposit
Drawing, product quality inspection, confirm that the product quality reaches the standard, start mass production, and the technical staff will confirm the check
After the production of the product is completed, the package will be packed together, the goods will be distributed and transported, and the customer will pay the remaining balance
24-hour online consultation, to provide you with your printed products, call the service hotline: 0769-667303/22656892
The woven label is generally used as an auxiliary material on clothing, and most of the time it plays a finishing touch. Sometimes we also use it to make decorations on the body. Dongguan woven labels
For textile and apparel companies, a well-designed and well-made washing label is like a small advertisement, which can always attract more attention and convey a certain brand connotation: one is sel
What are the classifications of adhesive stickers in packaging bag printing plants?

1: Use surface materials: molded wood free paper, art paper (shading/mirror), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, p
Clothing tag manufacturers are no strangers to improving clothing labels. In terms of texture, most of the pegboard production materials are paper, but also plastic and metal. In addition, in recent y
From the quality of the clothing tag, you can feel that its quality is better than bad by touching it. There are many types of clothing tag materials. The production of clothing tags is selected accor
What labels do you mainly look at when buying clothes? price? size? Attention must be paid to clothing tag information.

       Although the clothing tag is small, it is a link between the fashion it
The tag customization factory must be very particular about the design, printing and production of clothing tags, especially graphic design. It should be treated as a small print advertisement. The fo
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